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style & quality

Hotel Marghera wishes to provide a warm and welcoming environment specific to a family. In more than 60 years, three generations left their personal touch defining a particular style by improving the quality, comfort and hospitality.

It all started in 1952, when Angela Tortora decided to start the business in a nineteenth-century building located near the train station and turn it into a pension that called Marghera, as the street where it was. In time it has undergone many improvements and renovations while remaining in a familial management

English Romantic Styleat Hotel Marghera

In more than half of a century, the family that run the hotel lived in it considering it as their own home, giving it the warmth and intimacy of a family atmosphere, naturally adopting the English Romantic style. Present in all the rooms, this style is distinguished by the particular combination of warm colors, furnitures and linen produced by famous English brand Biggie Best, Sheffield silverware or Ginori porcelain, some elements that illustrate a refined and exquisite delicacy unique among the hotels in Rome.

Hotel Marghera offer today a combination of the romantic style and the latest technology such as magnetic keys, SmartTV with internet features and Wi-Fi internet accesible in all the rooms.

Care and Cleaningat Hotel Marghera

The most important aspect of quality in a hotel is the cleanliness. We always looked to have a direct relationship with the staff in charge of cleaning, seeking only people who demonstrate a great education and a passion for this purpose so that all rooms to be cleaned with the utmost care every day. Detergents are also carefully selected and are of the highest quality.

Feather pillows and linen quality is essential to ensure our guests the comfort and desired leisure. While more and more hotels are choosing industrial services, which provide and wash laundry, we want to give special attention to each item. For this purpose we chose Beltrami house in Milan, famous for linen and cotton tissues as a supplier for sheets, pillow cases, towels or napkins of the highest quality. This type of linen does not allow the use of industrial detergents, so we chose Dash and Coccolino for impeccable washing and for a particular fragrance and delicacy.

Staff and Conciergeof Hotel Marghera

One of the most important things for a tourist is the welcome and the availability. We are ready to help you with information on how to organize your time as best as possible, especially in a complex city like Rome. For this pourpose, we will provide a free detailed map of Rome with all the necessary explanations to visit the city on foot, by bus or subway. We speak Italian, English, Spanish and a bit of French and German in order to provide all the necessary information.

The main qualities we ask our staff are availability, reliability and discretion.